We support businesses who are challenged by the demands of a fast moving and highly competitive global economy which is heightening the focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation as the essential component for growth, competitiveness and success.

Planning for Growth

The essence of growth strategy is making wise choices about where and how to compete

Opportunities for growth can be found by better understanding current business performance as well as the fundamental forces of change in markets through:

  • Unmet needs of existing and new customers and markets
  • Available innovative solutions including existing competencies and emerging technologies

Enabling Value

Understanding strategic options, growth frameworks, new operating models and effective implementation

Value Creation can only be effective with continuous learning, testing and adjusting:

  • Organisational Processes
  • Cultural & Change Management
  • Capability, Infrastructure and Tools 
  • Establishing Pilot Projects
  • Succession planning  

Creating Deal Structures

Establishing funding models, investment or finance strategies required to implement growth and realise value

Provide a unique focus on how new venture financing choices can add value and turn marginal opportunities into valuable ones through:

  • Staging requirements
  • Interpreting and negotiating valuation
  • Understanding potential deal structures  
  • Analysing risk & diversification
  • Understanding choice of financing
  • Options for exit